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Azmar Quest is an Old School RPG, offering both a Text RPG adventure and a Turn Based RPG strategy game experience. It's set in a fantasy world called Azmar, where the danger is around the corner. It's also fully accessible for blind users.

You can play it offline (single-player story) or online (pvp and co-op)

Main Features:

● Single-Player adventure (playable offline too)
● PVP battles (1v1 and 2v2) and co-op Dungeons (online)


● Choose 1 of the 4 hero classes available: Warrior, Cleric, Warlock or Archer, each with their own strategy.
● 24 unique skills per class, 4 armor slots and 4 potion slots to create your build and enhance your Hero.
● Follow the story of Azmar in a text-based adventure, make your own choices through the story, fight 100+ unique enemies in turn based battles, and reach level 30!

Does the game have anything else to offer? Of course it does!

● Face new Single-Player challenges and quests every day, or fight in the 2v2 Arena with an AI companion, and reach Mastery 100!
● Play online in Dungeons and 2v2 battles, or play 1v1 rated battles, and reach rank 1000 in PVP!


● Azmar Quest is designed to be accessible and playable for blind users through the use of talkback or voice-over technology. Enjoy the text based adventure without barriers!
● Azmar Quest is completely free-to-play, with no content locked behind paywalls or timers. It only has a few optional ads and optional in-app purchases.
● The game is only in ENGLISH. It's very unlikely that I will have time to translate it, but you never know.
● This is a one-person project. I'm constantly developing and improving it. It just takes a lot of time, have patience 😊

Change Log

v1.3.7 (02/07/2024)

• Redesigned the Hero selection page.
• Added a fourth character slot to create a new Hero.
• Fixed 2v2 Arena not working properly since the last update.
• Fixed an issue in Chapter 6 where players couldn't create a Team if they killed everyone in-game.
• Players in the Global Chat now display their current game status.
• Added some restrictions and made some fixes in Global Chat group creation.
• Minor keyboard improvements when sending chat messages in Global Chat and in the Friends section.

v1.3.6 (25/06/2024)

New Global Chat! You can now see who's online and create a 2v2 or Dungeon group within it.
• Removed the "friend must in the friends section" requirement when inviting a player.
• New option! Skill-Specific sounds (on / off). Skills now have their own sound effect when turned on.
• Arena 2v2: slightly reduced the difficulty of reaching level 100 by decreasing damage done by both enemies and your support hero.
• Harley now equalizes life instead of swapping it, and Death Bunny is now weaker.
• Fixed critical bugs and exploits in Story 4 and other critical bugs.
• Talkback / Voiceover: improved the accessibility of the Leaderboard, improved more labels and images, and improved the Nobleman Quiz.

v1.3.5 (05/06/2024)

• Chapter 4: changed all images of the ship and of Vorsall, along with some minor text fixes and bug fixes.
• When you create an offline save file, now you can choose where to save it. Default: Download.
• When you Pick-Lock a Treasure and it goes in cool-down, treasures for which you have a key, or that are already unlocked, won't go in cool-down with it anymore!
• Increased the chance of getting a higher rank Item by 40%. Also, increased the Master of Items chance to get a higher rank Item from 15% to 30%.
• Fixed a rare bug that could generate a Rank 4 Armor by mistake.
• Fixed a bug that permitted a player to get infinite honor during the Missing Cat mission.
• Talkback / Voiceover: Re-added the Combat Logs option under the Turn Mode option.
• Talkback / Voiceover: You can now configure the Auto-Recycle settings for Armors and Items.
• Talkback / Voiceover: Fixed a bug in Combat that didn't update the statistics in real-time, but only after all turns ended.
• Talkback / Voiceover: Fixed the Team Fight's accessibility, and a few other accessibility issues.

v1.3.4 (16/05/2024)

• Added a new option called Enable Music and Sounds: if you turn it off, you'll be able to listen to music from another source while playing.
• Added a confirmation popup before upgrading a Skill or an Armor.
• Improved some texts and images in the first part of Chapter 4.
• A wrong answer to the scarecrow riddle now only reduces your life by half.
• Voiceover: Fixed a bug with Voiceover in which you could click multiple times a reply to increase your Honor infinitely.
• Talkback / Voiceover: Fixed the screen reader automatically scrolling on wrong texts during a scenario change in Story mode.
• Talkback / Voiceover: The books of the Temple found in the library on Chapter 3 are now readable by the screen reader too.

v1.3.3 (29/04/2024)

• Added a new game option: "Accessibility Interface".
• The first time Azmar detects that Talkback or Voiceover is active, it asks users to confirm if they want to enable the accessibility interface (to avoid false positives).
• It's now clearer that you can't equip more than 1 Item of the same type.
• Voiceover / Talkback: tapping a treasure now also reads its status.
• Voiceover / Talkback: when you open a treasure, it announces the rewards.
• Voiceover / Talkback: improved some popup accessibility.
• Chapter 5 fixes.
• Internal code updates.

v1.3.2 (22/04/2024)

• Fixed a bug that made sounds randomly disappear in some cases.
• Talkback / Voiceover: Restored the Auto-Turns option.
• Talkback / Voiceover: Improved the Treasures / Keys section in Profile slide, and improved the Items / Skills section while in combat.
• Optimized audio code to fix lag issues when clicking some buttons, and reduced required permissions (Android)
• When Silent Mode is enabled, Music and Sounds are now muted (iOS)
• Voiceover: Fixed Voiceover causing text jumps in Story Mode (iOS)
• Fixed Full Screen issues (iOS)
• Minor fixes for iOS 15 (iOS)

v1.3.0 (12/04/2024)

• The Game Options page has been completely redone!
• (iOS) New option! Full Screen UI. Default: Full Screen.
• New option! Music Volume (0 - 10)
• New option! Sound Volume (0 - 10)
• New option! Medieval Fonts (on - off)
• New option! Instant turns.

• Increased Treasures drop rates. Common: Item to 60% from 40%, Armor to 40% from 35%, Upgrade to 10% from 5%. Rare: Armor to 80% from 70%, Upgrade to 15% from 10%. Epic: Upgrade to 20% from 15%.
• Decreased Artvoth's Soul Shatter damage reduction from 10% to 8%.

Talkback / Voiceover:
• Added a new option for combat mode: delayed with sounds.
• Improved the training section accessibility.
• Improved Reward Text's accessibility in the Mission section.
• Fixed voiceover getting stuck on specific occasions.
• Fixed the weird japanese voice after an honor / dishonor popup on iOS.
• Slightly improved the Extra Mission / Wanted / Weekly Quest Popup's accessibility.
• Improved dialogue replies.

Internal code update for both Android and (especially) iOS.
• Other minor changes and fixes not worth mentioning.

v1.2.9 (25/03/2024)

Azmar Quest has been officially released on the App Store! Link: Azmar Quest on the App Store

• Fixed loading save file not working.
• Now all 1v1 and 2v2 PvP battles have "animations" combat style as default.
• Improved many talkback / voiceover sections.
• Sword Slash: increased the healing component of skill.
• Throw Sword: this skill has now 100% chance to remove 1 buff and double the critical chance, if the enemy has 50% or less life.
• Added "Account Info" inside Extra -> Account.
• Minor bug fixes.

v1.2.8 (04/03/2024)

• Now the audio and image resources are managed more efficiently: this slightly improves the overall performance and startup time of the app (especially for low-end devices)
• Fonts are now slightly bigger and more proportionate for most of the devices.
• Changed and improved the Combat UI for talkback / voiceover users, and improved a few other elements too.
• Added a new tutorial, after talking to the King, that explains how to complete a mission (Chapter 0)

v1.2.7 (17/02/2024)

• (Chapter 1) In the Tavern mission, you can now get the secret bathroom key from the barman too, without necessarily having to get it from Jessica.
• Fixed Ads for some users.

v1.2.6 (13/02/2024)

• Added: social icons in the character selection.
• Notifications now work on Android 14+.
• Improved the notification channels.
• Fixed an issue in which users could get stuck after trying to load an Ad.
• Fixed app crash when changing accessibility settings and then resuming the app.
• Fixed the swipe tutorial for some talkback / voiceover users.

v1.2.4 (02/02/2024)

• Improved the images of the 4 playable classes.
• Improved the UI of the character creation page.
• Resolved the black screen bug in the Catacombs.
• Minor improvements to enemy portraits and a few story images.
• Minor improvements for Talkback users, now including the announcement of snackbar messages.

v1.2.3 (21/01/2024)

• Fixed a bug where you couldn't see any skills (under rare circumstances).
• Fixed a bug where you could get stuck after signing-in if you were previously playing offline.
• Fixed push notifications not working on Android 13 and Android 14.

v1.2.1 (19/01/2024)

• UI improvements and UI fixes, and background image improvements in the main screens.
• Better and quicker in-app transitions from a screen to another (no black flickering)
• New splashscreen, quicker app start, and loading UI improved everywhere in the app.
• New in-game option: UI Fullscreen or UI Standard.
• Tablet UI improvements.

• Fixed a few bugs in 2v2 battles and Dungeon that could freeze the game.
• The lag in 2v2 and Dungeon battles has been fixed.
• Nightmare balances.

v1.1.9 (03/01/2024)

• Nightmare mode: anyone can access Nightmare mode now, even without having a character at level 30 (although not recommended).
• The difficulty of 3v3 team battles in Novice mode has been slightly reduced.
• Now it is possible to buy or check the Premium status inside the "Account" section of a logged-in character.

v1.1.8 (30/12/2023)

• Now you can set "Sounds only" in the options, in addition to "Audio: on" and "Audio: off".
• Improved even more the game experience for talkback / blind users.
• More improvements to ad consent for European users.
• Minor fixes.

v1.1.7 (16/12/2023)

• Fixed a bug where the game would become stuck after defeating the Vice for the first time, and then losing the next battle against the Vice or the Bandit.
• Improved the game experience for talkback / blind users.
• Added an information icon in the character creation screen to explain name restrictions.
• Improvements to ad consent for European users.
• Internal code updates.

v1.1.6 (09/12/2023)

Updated all images and enhanced the texts and mechanics of Chapters 1, 2, and 3, as well as Extra Missions 1, 2, and 3.
• Rebalanced skills for every class.
• Some enemies now feature a special bar indicating their special abilities, and their cooldowns are visible in their pop-ups.
• Added a "time skip" option for boosted characters, allowing them to skip the story.
• Fixed Armors not displaying correct ranks while in battle.
• Various minor fixes and improvements.

v1.1.4 (22/10/2023)

• New Release: Extra Mission 6 ("The Followers of Lilith" or "The Conspiracy of Urien")
• Added 1 new Wanted Enemy (Lilith or Urien)
• Fixed a bug in which, after exiting an Extra Mission, occasionally you couldn't see new chat messages.
• Several crash fixes.

v1.1.3 (04/10/2023)

• Fixed a bug that prevented players from progressing in the Story after defeating Zulvoth.
• Fixed Veiled Realm restriction (Requires Mastery 2)
• Nightmare mode now requires having at least one character at level 30.
• Minor fixes and improvements (Chapter 6)

v1.1.2 (02/10/2023)

• New release: Chapter 6 is now fully playable (this is the Final Chapter)
• New feature: Extra Missions have now checkpoints, so you don't have to start over if you die or exit.

• Added: 8 new Wanted enemies!
• Added the Veiled Realm challenge in the Training section.
• Added the Master of the Veiled Realm scroll.
• Improved Master of Arena enhancement (it power-ups your ally)
• When using the Switch Skill ability, the popup now shows the selected skill's name and description.

v1.0.54 (15/07/2023)

Chapter 6 🡒 you can now play a (small) part of Chapter 6
• (Tablets only) Improved and fixed some parts of the UI for Tablets

• Fixed notifications not working on Android 13+ devices
• Fixed small notification icons appearing as blank on Android 12+ devices
• Fixed some crash events occurring while watching Ads
• Fixed a bug when loading a save file without any hero saved inside it

• Improved the App icon for some Android devices
• Added "Contact Support" on "Azmar Social" popup selection

v1.0.53 (05/06/2023)

• The difficulty of a character is now displayed in the character selection too
• Fixed a visual bug that didn't change the text of the difficulty in the character creation
• Fixed Extra -> Logout not working (occasionally)
• Fixed Team Skills rank 3 shown as upgradable (visual bug)
• Fixed a few in-app purchases bugs
• Added a better and more precise explanation of Video Ads limitations and Privacy Policy / Terms of Use
• Added many new assets for Chapter 6 (coming soon)

v1.0.52 (02/04/2023)

• Added: Beginner / Veteran / Nightmare (beta) game difficulty (for the Main Story / Extra Quests only)
• The Necromancer class has been renamed to Warlock (male) and Witch (female)
• Fixed the Dungeon voting bug
• Fixed the Extra Mission "The Missing Cat" (Blank texts)
• The Lottery Ticket and Gold bought with honor are now affected by the +Golds Received stat
• Increased the "+1000 Honor" cost from 200 Gold to 250 Gold
• Fixed a few minor bugs in the Story
• Added some assets for Chapter 6

v1.0.51 (01/02/2023)

[Experimental] You can now swipe through the Menu while playing in Story Mode / Extra Mission
• Treasures and Keys are now in 2 separate inventories
• You can now sell treasures for gold or surge (Timeskip) Treasures with Honor
• You can now choose the specific Item / Armor / Skill Upgrade you want to buy from the Shop (they are not random anymore)
• You can now auto-recycle Items and Armors based on your own parameters

• Auto-turns are now available for all users (not only premium users)
• Added enemy description to: PvP Bots
• Crazy Zealot (damage) nerf
• UI improvements for some larger Tablets
• No Internet connection detection at Startup (Switch to offline mode if you have no internet)

v1.0.50 (02/01/2023)

• Fixed a few (game-breaking) bugs while playing in offline mode
• Decreased the "Switch Skill" cooldown from 3 turns to 2 turns
• Minor changes to Chapter 5
• Fixed an AD consent bug

v1.0.49 (27/12/2022)

• Internal code improvements (and some crash fixes)
• Updated in-app purchases to Google Play Billing Library v5

v1.0.48 (26/11/2022)

• In-app purchase fixes and other minor fixes
• Internal code updates
• Azmar welcome screen (at Level 1)

v1.0.46 (07/11/2022)

• Fixed 2v2 Arena freeze (while having a Weekly Quest in cooldown)

v1.0.45 (03/11/2022)

• Fixed a critical Weekly Quest bug
• Fixed a critical 2v2 Arena bug
• Fixed a bug with Combat Logs and triggered effects
• Fixed the multiple Extra Mission / Wanted Battle notifications bug when you pay them with Honor
• Fixed Spring Trap and Track Enemy not working in 2v2 against Bots
• You can't Unequip an Armor anymore if your inventory is full
• Reduced the life penalty of Necromancer's support skills

v1.0.44 (27/10/2022)

New ➔ Arena 2v2: under Training, you can now find The Arena. Enter the Arena, partecipate in single-player 2v2 fights, reach level 100, and get the Master of Arena license!
• Added: You can now Reject a Wanted battle
• Added: You can now use Honor to instantly get a new Extra Mission or Wanted battle
• Added: You can now buy 1000 Honor for 200 Gold
• Account: added E-Mail Verification (for users that registered to Azmar without Google)
• Minor Fixes and minor additions

v1.0.43 (02/10/2022)

• SDK update (API 32)
• Minor UI changes, minor improvements, various bug fixes
• Removed Facebook Login and changed the Google sign-in
• New Feature: You can now Block another Hero (account wide) or report a message as inappropriate
• Added: User Content Policy before entering Friends, Global Chat, or Dungeon
• The Bank deposit has a new limit (10.000 gold) and you can't earn more interests after 30 days

v1.0.42 (16/09/2022)

• New release: Chapter 5 is now available!
• New Release: Extra Mission 5 is now available (The Hyperion Riot)
• Added: 13 new Wanted enemies!
• Added: Trigger effects (like Sticky Trap, Wyevern Fire Breath ecc..) to Combat Logs
• Re-introduced non-intrusive ADs (for Non-Premium users) for optional rewards (previously inaccessible)

v1.0.38 (13/04/2022)

• New Release: Extra Mission 4 (The Rescue at Vorsall)
• New Feature: Bank Account
• Added 1 new Wanted Enemy
• Fixed the description of a few Wanted Enemies
• In the "The New Tavern" Extra Mission, the Bandits and the Vice have now a chance to drop a screwdriver (which can be used to fix the Bathroom's Red Button)

v1.0.37 (17/03/2022)

• New Release: Chapter 4 (Beta)
• New Release: 15 new Wanted Enemies (Beta)
• Ads (temporarily) removed
• Draining Shot and Soul Burn buffs
• Fixed a few offline save bugs
• Minor fixes

v1.0.36 (12/02/2022)

• Fixed Offline Mode save bug (it stopped saving if you died during the Story)
• Fixed the Upload and the Download of an Azmar Save File
• Warrior's Retaliation now heals the Warrior
• Archer's Speed bonus damage of Ice Arrows changed
• Global Chat and Ladder is now readable in offline mode
• Fixed some Notification issues and some visual and minor bug fixes
• Server side improvements

v1.0.33 (26/12/2021)

• Added an option to download your offline heroes as a save file, and load them
• Added a 50% discount for 1 in-app purchase every weekend (Premium only)
• Added an option to Redeem an Azmar Code
• Fixed some Notification problems and minor bug fixes

v1.0.30 (29/11/2021)

• Fixed Archer's Quick Shot (It was dealing 2 damage at level 1)

v1.0.29 (20/11/2021)

• Improved Server and Client stability (for Dungeons and PVP Battles)
• Added a Reconnect feature: now you can reconnect to a Match / Dungeon if you've lost your internet connection

v1.0.26 (13/11/2021)

• You can now play offline (it acts as a second account)
• Fixed the unexchangeable grey skills bug
• New Purchases in the Shop for Honor
• New additions: Master of Gold / Items / Recycle / Locks / Demolition / Resilience / Battles / Conquest in the Feats section
• Items now have Ranks
• Timer removed in single-player battles
• Energy now persists in Dungeon and against multi-enemies
• New Battle Season Popup / Info
• Fixed Dungeon and 2v2 visual bugs
• Other minor fixes
• Added assets for Chapter 4

v1.0.25 (02/10/2021)

• Fixed the unclickable skills in-combat (HOTFIX)
• Added the new Discord Server link
• New potion: Shield Potion
• Instant Level UP to 30 doesn't complete the Story anymore
• In-App purchases price corrections and balancing
• Removed support for Android 5.1 (minimum requirement: Android 6)
• Minor bug fixes and additions

v1.0.24 (08/06/2021)

• Hotfix for the Random Battle's crash
• Minor fixes

v1.0.23 (28/05/2021)

• There is now a 1 second animation when a character uses an energy skill
• More Tutorials
• Some Bug and Exploit fixes

v1.0.22 (19/04/2021)

• New support skills system (8 new Skills per class)
• added 2v2 battles (even against Bots)
• Tavern remake (Mostly for the first story, but it still changes the Extra Mission)
• Many minor additions (like the daily star system at level 30)
• A few bug and exploit fixes

v1.0.0 (03/07/2020)

• Azmar has been released in Open Beta!